About Us

We work by appointment…

It all began with the arrival of my little girl “Amaris”. At that moment I began to think like a kid.  My surroundings became more colorful then ever before. I began to notice things like toys, children’s music, balloons . . . I realized that all of them had a positive effect on people.  That effect was happiness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a place that would have all these ingredients, and could also offer a good service?  yes!

A hair salon “totally for kids!”

My first vision was a tree,  then I made the environment very colorful and full of animals so that you could feel the connection with nature. I added novelty chairs, an airplane, race car, and train. These were the perfect toys for a salon.

I would need products that would be suitable for children, I researched and added the names most used in the industry.

Fairytales, Original Sprout , and for those curly little ones Curly Q’s.

Nifty toys, and unique gifts we have them here . . . including the well known hair accessories  “No Slippy hair Clippy.”

We  also have a nice selection of hair gels for boys…

This was my goal to have a place where children could come to get their haircuts and actually enjoy the experience.

I believe I have accomplished that!

Needless to say my daughter is in love with our salon,  and I hope this is the feeling children will have when they visit us!!

god bless…

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